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Our Counseling Team

The SJPII Guidance Counselors provide students with services in the area of academic and personal counseling. Members of our Guidance Team meet with students on a regular basis for purposes that include course selection, scheduling, reviewing academic progress/ grades, attendance, and standardized testing. The guidance team also provides assistance on a walk-in basis for students experiencing personal difficulties. The counseling department collaborates with teachers on a number of academic matters throughout the year. One of the most important is to help students develop skills and behaviors critical to academic achievement. 

Additionally, the guidance team works with students through a comprehensive college counseling curricula designed to help students clarify their thinking about college options; to make intelligent and informed choices; and in presenting a strong case to college admissions for their acceptance. We recognize that the college admissions process can seem overwhelming for students and parents and so the Counseling Department aims to help relieve this stress from the student and family while also promoting accountability. Therefore, the process above all, requires that students exercise a commensurate level of engagement, related to achieving their desired college and career outcomes.

  • Mark George (Director of Counseling) - Counselor for grades 10th-12th with last names that begin with A-K
  • Susan Mattox - Counselor for grades 10th-12th with last names that begin with L-Z
  • Catherine Fenton - Counselor for all 9th graders (Freshman)
  • Stacie LoPinto - Learning Support Specialist for students with Accommodations 
  • Eileen Cassidy - Administrative Assistant Counseling Department


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