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SJPII organizes instruction into departments that are grouped by areas of study.  Our academic departments are staffed by specialists in their respective fields - specialists who collaborate in the development of curriculum, the establishment of standards, and the creation of instructional strategies.

The study of English at SJPII is a critical component in our educational program.

The primary focus of our program is to empower students to develop an ever-increasing level of control, power, and purpose over their written work.  Our students are prepared to respond to a variety of writing ‘occasions’ in clear and precise prose that exhibits their unique individual voice and focus.  Click HERE to view The Eagles' Nest - the official online literary magazine of SJPII Academy!

Students are also exposed to a diverse yet substantial body of literature; their interaction with which will empower an understanding that literature, as a primary and living form of human communication, is constantly unfolding and revealing new understanding and meaning.  Students are required to study at least one English course per year and may ultimately complete multiple Advanced Placement© courses.

As a critical outlet for the creative energies of students, our Fine & Performing Arts Department offers opportunities for varied and concentrated experiences.

Course offerings begin with the development of basic skills and culminate in programs designed to maximize personal expression in selected media or areas of performance.

A minimum of one credit in Fine & Performing Arts is required for graduation.

Our Mathematics Department strives to empower students to develop a fundamental appreciation and practical application of the techniques of mathematical problem solving and reasoning.  Many college undergraduate programs require specific mathematics courses, and continuing placement in Math courses at SJPII is based not only on this reality, but on a student’s actual performance.  Therefore, students are strongly urged to challenge themselves and to perform in such a way as to exceed their own expectations so that they may have as many options as possible available to them in not only selecting a college or university but in selecting the courses and programs in which they will enroll at the college level.  Students may pursue mathematics courses through Calculus and Probability & Statistics.

The study of Modern Language at SJPII is designed to develop proficiency in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing in languages other than English.  The cultural aspects related to the chosen language – the customs, geography, history, and context of the countries in which the language is spoken – are explored.  Because the study of a second language is a sequential process, students are encouraged to elect a third and/or fourth year of the specific language.  Currently, we offer study in Italian and Spanish, each culminating in the possibility of an Advanced Placement© course

Our Health & Physical Education program encourages students to gain the knowledge needed to implement and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The program provides each student an opportunity to participate in a range of activities and to develop the needed skills, strategies, and other information related to the successful completion of our Health/PE requirement.

All SJPII students must that HOPE in order to graduate - this is normally accomplished in the student's freshman year.

Our Religious Studies program is an integral part of our entire curriculum, for as teachers in the Lasallian tradition we believe that true educational development comes from engaging all three elements of a human being –  mind, body, and spirit.  Our students are called upon to develop an understanding of the message of Jesus Christ as expressed through our Catholic faith. 

Students complete four full years of study in Religion.  This requirement is in addition to the School's overall 100 hour service requirement.  Dual enrollment options exist for qualified students in grades 11 and 12.

The goal of our Science curriculum is to not only develop skills in scientific investigation and analysis but also to encourage students to become scientifically literate citizens who are aware of their moral and ethical responsibilities related to the use of science in a just society.

To that end, students are provided opportunities to develop an understanding of specific scientific theories and to apply this understanding to the solution of specific problems.  Students also utilize teh core skills of scientific investigation in considering ethical dilemmas associated with the application of both established scientific practices and future scientific discoveries.

The Department supports the School's mission of academic excellence by working to develop skills in mastering historical content, developing analytical abilities, and by enhancing students' understandings of the social, economic, historical, and political interactions that bind our society.

Our Business and Computer Science offerings include introductory courses in business and computer applications to Dual Enrollment computer science courses that provide college credit thanks to our partnership with Saint Thomas University.

SAT Preparation — Ray Dass Program

SJPII Academy has partnered with the nationally renowned leader in SAT preparation, Ray Dass.  Ray Dass is responsible for creating the #1 National Merit program among private schools and Diocesan Catholic schools in the Southeast United States. After just one year of our school collaborating with Ray Dass, students in the Ray Dass Scholars Program, have seen their scores improve on average by 110 points and 45% of those in the first cohort scored over 1300.

There are two components to the Ray Dass Program at SJPII:

  1. ALL STUDENTS in grades 9 to 11 utilize the SARA APP — Students in grades 9 to 11 complete math and English problems similar to SAT problems on the SARA app. Teachers incorporate this work into their curriculum and the extra practice teach students the skills to navigating through these problems.
  2. Ray Dass Scholarship Program — The school selects 30% of students who obtained the highest PSAT scores during their sophomore PSAT. These students spend work with a Ray Dass specialist who teaches them the fundamentals of navigating through the SAT exam.  It is a rigorous program that requires dedication and hard work, but the rewards and the results speak themselves. This year, our school is set to break many records of high SAT scores and expects to produce more candidates for the National Merit Scholarship Program than ever before.