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Freshman and Transfer Applicants


Saint John Paul II Academy accepts students entering the 9th, 10th or 11th grade.  We only accept seniors on a very limited basis and you must contact the Admissions Office for access to an application.

Applying is easy.  Our online tools help you to manage the entire process.

1. Applicant Criteria: 

Minimum requirements for an applicant applying to Saint John Paul II Academy must include a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 or better with no grade lower than a “C”.   In addition, applicants must maintain an exemplary disciplinary record.  Transfer Applicants must have completed or be on track to complete, within the traditional Academic Calendar (August - May), the required credits for their current grade level.  Saint John Paul II Academy does not accept applications from students who elect to/must repeat a high school grade.

2. Applying: 

Here is a list of items you may want to collect prior to starting the online application process.  The academic documents listed below can be directly uploaded to your application, or you can request that your current school provide them.  It is your responsibility to see that we receive them.

A copy of the applicants birth certificate

A copy of the applicants transcript and standardized test scores. This can also be provided by the applicant's current school.

If applicable, submit any documentation regarding: an Individual Education Plan (IEP), 504 or Psycho-Educational Evaluation.

Email address for the applicants current school Principal/Administrator which is necessary to complete the Referral/Recommendation Section of the application. Transfer applicants need an email from a Principal/Administrator and a core teacher (Core subjects include: English, math, science, social studies or world language) to complete the Referral/Recommendation Section.

Applicant Photograph, optional

Credit Card information for submitting the $100.00 application/testing fee

*The Diocese of Palm Beach requires that, prior to attendance at school, each student present  has on file with the school a certificate of immunization for the prevention of those communicable diseases for which immunization is required by the Department of Health.  A completed Florida Certificate of Immunization (Form DH 680) is required to document the administration of prescribed immunization doses.  An exemption from immunization requirements is permissible only with a physician’s certificate as to the need for either a temporary or permanent medical exemption.  An exemption from immunization requirements is not permissible for religious, philosophical, personal, or other reasons.

3. High School Placement Test:

All freshman applicants are required to take the High School Placement Test. Once you have submitted your application, all freshman applicants will be registered for the next test. The official High School Placement Test date is on 12/3/22. Only freshman applicants who sit for the test on 12/3/22 will be eligible for scholarships.  If you cannot sit for the test on that date assigned after submitting your application, please contact  

4. Checking your Application: 

Once you have submitted an application, including the application fee, you can log back in anytime with the Username and Password you created.  Simply return to our website, select "Admissions" and then click "Application Login" to log back in. This will allow you to see how far along your application is or what is missing.

5. Completed Applications: 

Freshmen Applicant Decision Letters will be mailed on February 3, 2023 to students who have completed the process and provided all the necessary documentation.  After February 3, 2023, we will be on rolling admission until the class is full.

Transfer applicants are considered for August and January transfers and will be considered once a student completes the application process including all the necessary documentation.


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