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Liturgies are an integral part of the Christian community life at Saint John Paul II Academy. Attendance is mandatory for all students. Reverent and respectful behavior is essential. Although we do not compel students to profess any religious ideology, it is expected that all students, regardless of their beliefs, will participate in the religious services and are expected to conduct themselves respectfully and reverently during daily prayer, liturgy, and any religious service.


The Chapel is open from 7:00 AM until 3:00 PM.

Students, parents, faculty, staff, administration, and friends of Saint John Paul II Academy are welcome to enter into the presence of our Lord in the Chapel.  The Chapel may be reserved at various times for use by School groups/classes.  The Chapel is located on the first floor in the southeast corner of our academic wing (Room 100.) Parking spaces along the southern lane of the main parking lot are reserved for visitors coming to the chapel during the school day.

Because of our need to maintain a secure environment, visitors to the Chapel must sign in when entering the campus.

Chapel Schedule 2020-2021 School Year

On most weeks during the 2020-2021 school year, the schedule for events in the chapel is as follows:

Mondays: Faculty-Staff Led Prayer Service at 7:15 AM

Tuesdays: Student Led Prayer Service at 7:15 AM

Wednesdays: The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at 7:00 AM

Thursdays: Liturgy of the Word with Communion at 7:00 AM

Fridays: The Holy Rosary at 7:00 AM

We also offer Eucharistic Exposition and Adoration after school from 2:35 to 3:15 PM on Thursdays during Lent.

Mass of the Holy Spirit