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“Each one of you has received a special grace. So like all good stewards, responsible for all these different graces of God, put yourself at the service of others.” 1 Peter 4:1


Why Service?

A Lasallian school has as one of its primary purposes the transmission of Gospel values cherished by Christ. Saint John Paul II Academy recognizes the value of service as significant to the life of Jesus and, by extension, to His Church.

In support of the Mission of Saint John Paul II Academy, the Christian Service program is designed to bring students, through experience and reflection, to a mature understanding of their personal responsibility to those most in need. Christian Service is any act of giving assistance or advantage to another.

What is Service?

Service is using our God-given gifts and talents to help another person. Service is freely given. Under no circumstance should a student be compensated in any way (financial, etc.) for their service. If a student is unsure whether a certain project may be considered appropriate for the Saint John Paul II Academy Christian Service Program, they should obtain approval from the Campus Minister prior to beginning the project. Acceptable service projects must be done with nonprofit community organizations, service groups, churches or schools. Working for businesses, profitable organizations or other individuals (babysitting, neighbors, friends, etc.) is ordinarily not considered acceptable service. 

Where can you Serve?

Christian service activities are not school activities and Saint John Paul II Academy does not mandate or direct any specific location or locations in the community where these services are to be performed.  Students are free to select the location where they wish to perform service so long as the location and the activity meet the requirements of the school.  Saint John Paul II Academy does not operate or control the locations where students choose to perform service and consequently the school, its agents, and affiliates do not assume responsibility for any injuries, damages, or losses incurred in the course of performing these services in the community.  Students perform these services at their own risk.

Christian Service Requirements

A minimum of twenty-five (25) hours of service must be completed per year to satisfy the requirements needed for graduation from Saint John Paul II Academy and the State of Florida's Bright Futures Program. At least six (6) of the twenty-five (25) hours accrued must be of direct service to the poor and marginalized. A common answering of what this new requirement entails is located in the “Christian Service FAQs” in the right bar. Students who complete 100 hours or more of Christian service in a particular year will be recognized at the Academic Awards Program at the end of that year.