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Annual Fund Giving 

The Annual Fund was established to offset expenses that tuition alone can not support at Saint John Paul II Academy. It is used to bridge the gap between our school’s actual tuition, and a family’s financial reality.  Please consider supporting the Annual Fund to ensure the quality education and experience of a Saint John Paul II student.

Annual Fund Priorities 

Tuition Assistance 

Saint John Paul II offers a wide range of scholarships and tuition assistance to a various range of students from all different socio-demographic and economic backgrounds. During this challenging economic time, it is important that each student receives the same opportunities that SJPII offers.

Student Life


Faculty Enrichment

Our mission cannot be achieved without the tireless work of our faculty at Saint John Paul II. This fund paves the way for an excellent teacher retention rate. As well as, giving the teachers opportunity to develop and learn through different workshops and conferences.

Campus Improvement

A big portion of our success at Saint John Paul is the beautiful campus that hosts all of our students. Campus improvements are necessary for operational purposes to ensure an adaptive, safe, and clean learning habitat for our students.

Technology and Innovation

In technologically growing world, it is our mission to ensure the latest technology and applications to be available to our students. Each student’s IPad is designed to create a safe and healthy learning environment. A donation to our annual fund can help maintain and support our technology department to ensure this task is upheld.


Saint John Paul II offers a planned giving program in which individuals are committed to supporting Saint John Paul II Academy in the future. We strive to enrich the lives our students every day. Below is a form in which planned giving can be structured to suit a donor's specific wants and needs. 

Planned Giving Form