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Student Dress Code 

We believe that students, as employees in any organization or members of an athletic team, who dress in a way that reflects pride and responsibility will be better prepared to meet the challenges that come their way.

With this in mind, Dennis School Uniforms will be the official supplier of school uniform items for Saint John Paul II Academy.

Young Ladies

Young Men 

PHYSICAL EDUCATION UNIFORMS and BOYS TIES are sold exclusively in the Campus Store.

Formal Uniform Attire

On special occasions such as All-School Mass days, formal uniform dress may be required. Uniform pants are required to be worn on formal uniform days.  No shorts are to be worn on these days. Young men are expected to wear white or French blue oxford shirt (long or short sleeve) along with a SJPII school tie.  Young women may wear a French blue or white dress oxford blouse. Only the approved outerwear may be worn on formal attire days; black fleece sweaters or the school store grey quarter zip pullover.