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"Let us pray before starting whatever we need to do." (Med. 107.1- feast of St. Matthias)

Retreat days are an important part of the Department of Campus Ministry. They provide students with the opportunity to experience a sense of Christian community that is essential for religious formation to take place. Attendance on the retreat days is required for all students. Any underclassman not present on the Retreat Day will be required to attend single or multiple makeup sessions led by the Campus Minister. These retreats are listed in the online school calendar. Each retreat has a particular theme, and through prayer and discussion, is structured to help the students grow in their relationship with God. The retreats are also designed to help students grow in self-knowledge and to develop Christian community among their classmates.

Underclass Retreat Days

Saint Joan of Arc Catholic Parish graciously provides their Mercy Center for our site for the Underclassmen Retreats. The Freshmen and Sophomores meet at school and are bused to and from Saint Joan. These retreats last from 8:00 AM until 2:30 PM.

Senior Retreat Opportunities

All students, including seniors, must make a retreat while in attendance at Saint John Paul II Academy. During their senior year students are given more flexibility in choosing a retreat that they find to be spiritually nourishing. While most students choose to go on Kairos, there are other options of meeting this criterion. Throughout the year these alternative retreat opportunities will be posted below; they usually include two opportunities to attend Saint John Vianney College Seminary's "Come and See" Retreat, Koinonia Retreats at local parishes, and Days of Recollection at Our Lady of Florida Retreat Center.