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Our Mission

Saint John Paul II Academy, located in Boca Raton, Florida, is a Catholic coeducational college preparatory school in the Diocese of Palm Beach following the tradition of Saint John Baptist De La Salle and the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

Saint John Paul II Academy provides a rigorous academic curriculum designed to prepare students for success in college and in life.

Our faith-based learning community fosters excellence in all programs and enables the spiritual, academic, artistic, and physical development of each student.  Dedicated faculty and staff instill the Gospel values of respect, concern for the poor, justice, peace, and responsibility while welcoming students of all beliefs and backgrounds.

Our Philosophy

Saint John Paul II Academy fulfills its mission to form students in the Catholic faith using the Gospel as its guide.  The life of the school is centered on the teaching of Christ and the essential elements of Lasallian educational practice.

Informed by Saint John Baptist De La Salle, the Brothers of the Christian Schools and lay colleagues at Saint John Paul II Academy provide a diverse community of young men and women with a broad and balanced human and Christian education through programs that promote leadership, achievement, and service within school, church, and community.

Saint John Paul II Academy is a community that promotes a zeal for learning and a respect for individuality.  The faculty holds students to high standards of intellectual and moral development, encouraging them to reach their potential and preparing them to face the challenges of the modern world.  Campus ministry programs and service opportunities help students develop relationships with God, family, and community.

The Saint John Paul II Academy family guides students to grow in mind, body, and spirit, encouraging them to become good citizens of the world and ambassadors of Christ and the Kingdom of God.  Through caring relationships, students are called to live Lasallian values, develop their full potential, respect all life, and pursue action that brings spiritual, academic, and personal goals to fruition.

Our Vision

The vision of Saint John Paul II Academy is to be an educational leader inspired by the moral and spiritual teachings of Saint John Baptist De La Salle. This is accomplished by:

  • Promoting a spiritual environment that acknowledges the diversity of different religious traditions and the responsibility to use these values as a basis for service to others and the betterment of society.
  • Committing programs and resources for service of the poor.
  • Encouraging and recognizing excellence in its students and faculty.
  • Providing an atmosphere conducive to learning and creativity for students and faculty.
  • Creating a caring Lasallian community environment which includes students, parents, teachers, administrators, staff and alumni.
  • Providing a spirit of collaboration among administration, staff, teachers, parents and students.
  • Valuing the uniqueness of each student and making every effort to meet his or her needs.
  • Developing young men and women who demonstrate the highest standard of educational, moral and spiritual preparation who are ready to embark on the challenges of today's society.
  • Developing self-confidence in our students.
  • Promoting the image of the school in a manner that exemplifies the values that are emphasized and taught therein.
  • Helping all members of our Lasallian Community to deepen not only their relationship with the Lord but also their participation in their local church.
  • Establishing and maintaining a leadership position in the integration of technology to enhance student achievement.

The Graduate at Graduation

Guided by the Philosophy and Mission of Saint John Paul II Academy, graduates will be:

  • Academic Achievers who
    • Exhibit knowledge and skills necessary for college.
    • Research, evaluate, organize, analyze, and synthesize information effectively.
    • Think critically and creatively utilizing problem-solving skills.
    • Demonstrate a well-rounded appreciation for those activities beyond academics including the arts, cocurricular activities, and athletics.
  • Spiritually Aware Individuals who
    • Demonstrate knowledge and appreciation of Catholic faith and traditions.
    • Participate actively in their faith community.
    • Continually develop a personal prayer life and intensify their relationship with God.
    • Respect diversity of religion and culture.
    • Make moral, ethical, and healthy choices in daily living.
    • Serve others, especially the poor and marginalized.
  • Globally Responsible Leaders who
    • Demonstrate effective decision-making skills.
    • Model personal integrity, responsibility, and ethical behavior.
    • Create and sustain respectful relationships.
    • Exhibit concern and respect for the environment.
    • Embrace diversity and foster concern for the poor, social justice, and peace.
  • Effective Communicators who
    • Work collaboratively.
    • Demonstrate excellent reading and writing skills.
    • Articulate ideas clearly and creatively.
    • Use information technology effectively and ethically.
    • Understand and appreciate divergent points of view.
  • Lifelong Learners who
    • Demonstrate openness to growth.
    • Take responsibility for their own actions.
    • Critically assess the values of contemporary culture in the light of the Gospel.
    • Live a healthy lifestyle to maximize their full potential.