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  Name Title
Jeff Atkins Atkins, Jeff Learning Support Specialist
Brother Daniel Aubin Aubin, Brother Daniel President
Spencer Bannon Bannon, Spencer Faculty
Sam Barbaro Barbaro, Sam Faculty
Gina Bentivegna Bentivegna, Gina Faculty
Edward Bernot Bernot, Edward Principal
Kevin Brown Brown, Kevin Faculty
Eileen Cassidy Cassidy, Eileen Administrative Assistant
Erica Catino Catino, Erica Faculty
Janet Cavalier Cavalier, Janet Faculty
Ann Marie Chiste Chiste, Ann Marie Director of Finance/HR and Compliance
Shea Ciarletta Ciarletta, Shea Director of Institutional Advancement
Joseph Cunningham Cunningham, Joseph Faculty
Stella D'Agostino D'Agostino, Stella Faculty
Peter D'Alonzo D'Alonzo, Peter Director of Guidance/College Counseling
Christine D'Antuono D'Antuono, Christine Administrative Assistant
Marian Demarest Demarest, Marian Assistant Principal for Academic Life
Donald DeRenzo DeRenzo, Donald Faculty
Mary Jo Foley Foley, Mary Jo Faculty
Mary Forney Forney, Mary Faculty
Matthew Frain Frain, Matthew Faculty
Rudy Garbalosa Garbalosa, Rudy Director of Technology
Michele Gigliotti Gigliotti, Michele Instructor
Rachelle Gray Gray, Rachelle Faculty
Barbara Harbin Harbin, Barbara Director of Admissions
Thomas Herrmann Herrmann, Thomas Faculty
Stacy-Ann Laidley Laidley, Stacy-Ann Faculty
Paul Leonard Leonard, Paul Faculty
Ryan Longton Longton, Ryan Faculty
Kathleen Madigan Madigan, Kathleen Front Desk/Finance
Kimberly Miller Miller, Kimberly Faculty
Jennifer Mulhall Mulhall, Jennifer Faculty
Roseanne Mulholland Mulholland, Roseanne Attendance & Clinic
Timothy O'Hare O'Hare, Timothy Faculty
Lisa Olearczyk Olearczyk, Lisa Director of Development/Alumni Affairs
Danielle Osowski Osowski, Danielle Media Specialist
Joan Paula Paula, Joan Counselor
Lucas Preble Preble, Lucas Assistant Principal for Student Life
Yvonne Prince Prince, Yvonne Finance/Bookkeeper
Riley Sarkela Sarkela, Riley Faculty
Michael Scaramuzzo Scaramuzzo, Michael Faculty/Campus Ministry
Michael Simianakis Simianakis, Michael Faculty
Raymond Smith Smith, Raymond Faculty
Adrian Stebbins Stebbins, Adrian Faculty
Deborah Stevenson Stevenson, Deborah Director of Technology
Tara Taylor Taylor, Tara Faculty
Rachel Tomko Tomko, Rachel Faculty
Austin Tunis Tunis, Austin Faculty
Nanette Webb Webb, Nanette Admissions/Development
Cynthia Wedding Wedding, Cynthia Faculty
William West West, William Faculty
James Williams Williams, James Athletic Director
Lauren Yoder Yoder, Lauren Counselor
Mark Zavatsky Zavatsky, Mark Faculty
Mykela Zumbrum Zumbrum, Mykela Faculty