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The High School Placement Test

at Saint John Paul II Academy

Class of 2028

December 2, 2023

  8:00AM- 12:00 PM


All freshmen applicants are required to take the High School Placement Test (HSPT). Your score on the HSPT will be an important factor in your acceptance and placement at Saint John Paul II Academy.  The HSPT provides national normative measures in the following cognitive and basic skills areas: verbal and quantitative skills, reading, mathematics, and language. To register for the test, you must complete and submit an application. Click HERE to apply starting August 25, 2023.  Please note: The same placement test is given at all Catholic high schools; therefore, it is recommended that you take the test at your first choice school. Only those students who test on December 2, 2023 at Saint John Paul II Academy will be considered for academic scholarship at our school. 

Study Guides for the High School Placement Test

Study Guides are available for the High School Placement Test, also known as the HSPT.  The list below represents just a few of the study guides available.  Saint John Paul II Academy does not recommend one study guide over another.

Arco: Master the Catholic High School Entrance Exam

Barron’s: How to Prepare for the COOP/HSPT

Kaplan: Catholic High School Entrance Exams (COOP/HSPT)

REA Research & Education Association: COOP & HSPT

The High School Placement Test (HSPT®)

For over fifty years, academic high schools nationwide have used STS’ High School Placement Test (HSPT®) to assist with admissions, scholarship selection, and curriculum placement. The HSPT® is a comprehensive placement test for eighth graders for placement in the ninth grade. It provides a maximum of information in only one morning's testing time.

To understand the HSPT better, click HERE to visit the STS' High School Placement Test Website


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