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  • Who qualifies for At Home Learning?
    • ONLY students who have been mandated to quarantine for exposure to COVID-19 (either by school administration or health department) OR who have provided documentation to school administration of a positive PCR test will be permitted to access the Google Meets.  All other requests for At Home Learning will NOT be honored.
  • What should I do FIRST if I am notified that I need to quarantine?
    • Students who receive a quarantine notice from the school should email ALL of their teachers to inform them that they will be accessing the Google Meet while they are at home.  It is important that this email comes from the student and NOT the parent as this will open a line of communication between the student and teacher if any other questions arise. 
  • Will my classes be live every day?
    • Each teacher will teach their regular classes live in the classroom. At home learners will be expected to participate via live stream into the classroom for every period in their schedule.  It is the responsibility of the student to follow the academic schedule for the day (A day, B day, etc.) that is published in the Friday eNewsletter.
  • Is there a Google Meet for Homeroom?
    • NO.  Unlike last year, At Home Learners are not required to "attend" homeroom.  At Home learners will begin with their first scheduled class at 8:00.
  • Am I required to turn on my camera for class?
    • Yes.  At Home students are expected to have their camera on for the duration of the class period unless otherwise directed by the instructor.
  • How do I take tests and quizzes while I am learning at home?
    • Tests and quizzes will NOT be taken while learning at home.  They will be rescheduled to be taken when the student returns to campus.  Students are expected to consult with teachers as to the exact timeline for the makeup.
  • I'm having trouble accessing the Google Meet - how can I join?
    • Every Google meet link is in the Google classroom, students must have the Google Meets app downloaded on their iPad. They may only join classes using the domain  Please contact the teacher via email if you cannot locate the link on their Google classroom.  **Please view the short video below for a brief tutorial**
  • What happens if I am disrespectful or disruptive online?
    • Students learning at home are expected to be respectful of this environment and follow any and all applicable school policies.  Students who violate school rules while learning at home will not be permitted to participate in these live classes.
  • I'm still having Tech issues, what should I do? 
    • please email

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