Campus Ministry

SJPII is committed to proficing an education for students in mind, body and spirit. Campus Ministry is a big part of the activities we hold on campus.

Technology and Innovation

Schools today must continually innovate to offer a high-quality educational program. Technological changes and the evolving skills needed for contemporary life require us to stay fresh, to remain open to new ideas and approaches to teaching and learning. 


Just as students require support to ensure maximum achievement of educational objectives, those who are teaching require an institutional support structure that enables and encourages them to teach with excellence and effectiveness.



Our programs include drama, music, painting, writing and many more. These programs help round out the students growing in mind and body and spirit.

Financial Aid

SJPII is made stronger by the presence of many gifted individuals who inhabit our classrooms, our stages, and our playing fields. Financial Aid allows these students to come to our school from a broad range of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. 

Academics & Curriculum

Saint John Paul II Academy is a college preperatory school, offering college prep, honors and AP courses to all students.