Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. Distinguished Scholars



Students coming from a Catholic School in the Diocese of Palm Beach may apply for this scholarship after they have been accepted to Saint John Paul II Academy. To be eligible for this scholarship you must prove Academic Merit and Financial Need. Applications for the scholarship will be accepted between February 10th and March 10th.



Click: Gerstner Registration form


Along with this application, students MUST include all of the documentation listed below in order for SJPII to submit your application to the Gerstner Family. This is separate from your application to the school.



* Student must have applied and been accepted to Saint John Paul II Academy.

* Student must have taken the HSPT entrance/placement exam on the official test date in


What you must include with your Scholarship Application:

* Middle school transcripts (grades). Students must have an Academic GPA of 3.0 or higher.

* Students must provide a recommendation letter from their elementary school principal.

* Student must provide documentation of twenty-five (25) hours of community service at their

present school.

* Students are required to submit an essay on their future plans for education, career and how

they make a difference in their community.

* Student’s parents must complete a financial aid request at SJPII through (FACTS). You must

submit and be verified, if you have questions regarding this please contact our Finance Office

at 561-314-2118.


* These materials are to be sent to Saint John Paul II Academy, 4001 North Military

Trail, Boca Raton, FL 33431, C/O The Gerstner Scholarship Committee and must be

received by March 10, 2018. Scholarship Recipients will be notified in April and

awarded the scholarship at the SJPII Academic Awards Ceremony.