"Let us pray before starting whatever we need to do." -John Baptist de La Salle (Med. 107.1- feast of St. Matthias)


Retreat days are an important part of our Department of Campus Ministry. They provide students with the opportunity to experience a sense of Christian community that is essential for religious education to take place. Attendance on the retreat days is required for freshmen, sophomores and juniors. Any underclassman not present on the Retreat Day will be required to attend single or multiple makeup sessions led by the Campus Minister for Mission and Ministry. These retreats are listed in the online school calendar. Each retreat has a particular theme, and through prayer and discussion, is structured to help the students grow in their relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The retreats are also designed to help students grow in self-knowledge and to develop Christian community among their classmates.

Underclass Retreat Days

Saint Joan of Arc Catholic Parish graciously provides their Mercy Center for our site for the Underclassmen Retreats. The Freshmen and Sophomores meet at school and are bused to and from Saint Joan. These retreats last from 8:00 AM until 2:30 PM.


Seniors are strongly encouraged to attend Kairos. Kairos has been the core of our retreat ministry since 1988. This is a time tested retreat for seniors that has been adopted by many high schools throughout the country.

Kairos is a Greek word meaning “The Lord’s Time.” It is built upon a peer-to-peer ministry model which helps the retreatants deepen their relationships with themselves, their families, their friends and, most importantly, Jesus Christ. Prayer and Sacraments are an essential part of the retreat, as well as the retreatants’ involvement in discussions and group exercises. The retreatants may not leave the retreat with all of life’s answers, but will hopefully leave with a greater awareness of whom they are and where they are going.

The retreat is four days long, held at Our Lady of Florida Retreat Center, and costs $356 per participant.  A very limited amount of financial assistance is available.

Seniors involved in extra-curricular activities are asked to review these dates carefully and plan to attend a Kairos Retreat that does not conflict with those activities. A Kairos Retreat may reach capacity prior to the application deadline and you are, therefore, encouraged to return your application and payment as soon as possible, regardless of which Kairos you would like to attend. Please also understand that once you have applied for a particular Kairos, you are committed to that retreat unless a change is made prior to the application deadline.

In response to the Lasallian Mission Assessment Visiting Team, beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, all students must attend a retreat in order to advance to the following year. Even if seniors opt out of attending the Kairos retreat, a retreat requirement must be met. Seniors not attending Kairos must see the Campus Minister for Mission and Ministry to meet this requirement.

Kairos Fourth Day

As always, we would also like to advise all alumni that Fourth Day Meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00PM.  They are usually held in the SJPII Chapel or Media Center. Everyone who has ever experienced a Kairos is welcome to attend. Please come “home” and step back into “the Lord’s time!”