Let us remember....we are in the holy presence of God!


Our parent group gathers weekly in our school's chapel on Tuesday mornings at 7:45 AM. We meet to pray for our children, faculty, staff, and any special prayer requests and intentions. Everyone is welcome. Come and go as your schedule allows. Don't worry if you come in late, or have to leave early. We usually finish by 8:15 AM. It’s a great way to start your day!

On the first Tuesday of each month we pray the rosary. A part of our weekly prayer is dedicated specifically to your child whether freshman, sophomore, junior or senior.

We do this by praying weekly for each grade level and each student as we place the class rosters on the altar. We read from a beautiful book of prayers for our children, teachers, school, and administrators. We also pray for your special intentions. Feel free to write down any intentions that you have during the week, and place them in the box located in the back of the chapel.

We invite you to join us because there is no prayer more special than that of a parent for their child. The power of prayer results in a closer relationship with Christ and a fuller understanding of the gifts that He has given us. The spiritual growth that results has a positive effect on our families and school.

There is no sermon better than the example of the life we lead. It is our responsibility to "joyfully" bring our faith alive through prayer and service, and to pass it on to our children.

This is how God works through us to make Saint John Paul II Academy a place we proudly call family.

For more information please contact Andres Garcia at and71ga@aol.com