Welcome to the Transfer Student page


If you are moving or just looking for a better fit for you for high school you have come to the right place.   We encourage you to visit our campus with your family and meet with the an Admissions Officer to discuss the opportunities available for you at the Academy.

Admissions Policy


1. Satisfactory grades - minimum 2.5 GPA average and appropriate credits

2. Satisfactory behavior

3. Necessary academic requirements to enter appropriate grade and to satisfy graduation requirements 


*The Diocese of Palm Beach requires that, prior to attendance in school, each student present or have on file with the school a certificate of immunization for the prevention of those communicable diseases for which immunization is required by the Department of Health.  A completed Florida Certificate of Immunization (Form DH 680) is required to document the administration of prescribed immunization doses.  An exemption from immunization requirements is permissible only with a physician’s certification as to the need for either a temporary or permanent medical exemption.  An exemption from immunization requirements is not permissible for religious, philosophical, personal, or other reasons.


Application Process


Transfer students are considered for admission to Saint John Paul II Academy before and up to two weeks into both the first and second semester.  If extenuating circumstances exists we may consider a student beyond the time frame already outlined, however, it will be decided on a case by case basis.

Before you get started, here are a few tips about what additional information will be needed as well as a list of documents that can be uploaded directly into your online application:

  • Current Teacher and school Administrator email addresses (for the Administrator & Teacher Recommendation in the Referral Documents section of the online application)

  • Please be sure to request both Recommendation Forms. One should be completed by a core course teacher and one by an administrator at your current school.  An administrator can be a Principal, Assistant Principal, Dean or Guidance Counselor.. 

  • Upload an official copy of your transcript and standardized test scores with your application or hand deliver in a sealed envelope.

  • Birth Certificate

  • Current McKay or Step-up for Students Letter, if applicable

  • Credit Card payment information

 Are you ready to begin your online application?  



Decision Letters

Transfer applicants are considered on a rolling basis and letters are mailed when the Admissions Committee makes a decision.



Transfer students are considered for admission for both the first and second semesters.  Transfer students have two weeks to register from the date on their decision letter.