Young men and women in their teenage years are on the verge of adulthood, and the changes that they undergo as a result of this process are not only physical but emotional and intellectual as well.  PJPII provides School Counseling services to support students as they proceed on this journey.

School Counselors are an integral link in the educational system. Our counselors promote educational success by enhancing the development of academic skills, interpersonal skills and self-understanding.

Because of their commitment to Catholic values, our counselors work with students to help them recognize their God-given talents, and they encourage them to share these talents with others.

School Counseling services also educate students in decision making, problem solving, goal setting, self esteem and educational occupational opportunities.

Our counselors also assist students and their parents in the sometimes confusing, yet always exciting, college selection process.  Help is available to complete applications for admission and write letters of recommendation.

Our College 101 program is designed to provide opportunities for families and students from all grades to discover new information on the college and university search and application process.

Juniors and seniors have many opportunities to meet with representatives from the innumerable colleges and universities who regularly visit SJPII throughout the year. Counselors are also available to meet with students and their parents during the summer months for those who wish to get a head start on the college selection process.