There is nothing common about our academic core!


Students who achieve the honor of a Saint John Paul II Academy Diploma have accomplished much during their high school career.  They have studied, they have developed skills, they have inquired, they have written, they have spoken, and they have demonstrated that their efforts are worthy of our Diploma.

Generally, our graduation requirements include:

  • 28 credits (earned in the disciplines noted below)
  • 100 hours of community service (over four years)
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0

In general, students entering with the Class of 2018 and beyond must complete the following:

  • 4 credits of Religion
  • 4 credits of Math (through at least the equivalent of Algebra II)
  • 3 credits of Science (4 Recommended)
  • 4 credits of History/Social Science (1 credit in World History, 1 credit in American History, ½ credit in American Government, ½ credit in Economics, 1 additional credit)
  • 4 credits of English
  • 2 credits of the same Modern Language (a minimum of 3 is strongly recommended)
  • 1 credit of Health/Physical Education
  • 1 credit of Fine/Performing Art
  • 5 credits of additional elective study

A course designated in the Florida Course Code Directory as being offered in grades 9 - 12 but which is taken below the 9th grade may not be used to satisfy SJPII Academy graduation requirements.  These courses may be utilized for Florida Bright Futures program requirements, NCAA Clearinghouse requirements, admission to state colleges/universities, and State of Florida eligibility/graduation requirements.  Note that credit for high school-level mathematics and language earned prior to high school will be part of a student’s official transcript and cumulative grade point average.

In general, a student’s course of study over four years will be similar to this sample:

        Grade 09 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
Religion Jewish History & Intro To Bible Sacraments & Christian Morality Philosophy & Church History Ethics & Christian Lifestyles
Math Algebra I or Geometry or Algebra II Geomety or Algebra II or Precalculus Algebra II or Precalculus or Calculus or Integrated Math Precalculus or Calculus or Integrated Math or Statistics
Science Biology

Marine Science or Chemistry or Physics

Marine Science or Chemistry or Physics or AP Option

Marine Science or Chemistry or Physics or AP Option

Social Science World History or AP World History US History or AP US History, AP Human Geography Available Psychology, AP Psychology, AP Human Geography, American Government, Economics, AP Government Psychology, AP Psychology, AP Human Geography, American Government, Economics, AP Government
English English I English II English III or AP Language, Creative Writing Available English IV or AP Literature with Creative Writing & Journalism/Yearbook available
Physical Education HOPE PE/Health


A limited number of optional PE courses in fitness and individual/team sports are available for elective credit.  Students should note that elective PE courses may not be usable for Florida SUS/Bright Futures or NCAA Clearinghouse purposes.

Modern Language Level I or II Level II or III Optional Level III or IV/V/AP Optional Level III or IV/V/AP
Fine & Performing Arts One credit of Fine and/or Performing Arts is required for graduation.  A variety of Art, Drama, Speech, Theater, and Television Production courses (including dual enrollment options with Lynn University) may be used to meet this requirement in tenth, eleventh, and/or twelfth grades.