Phenomenal teachers, great programs, 14 AP courses, 99% college acceptance...... Brilliant!


Saint John Paul II Academy offers a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum for students who are among the best and brightest of their peers not only locally, but regionally and nationally as well.

At the same time, Saint John Paul II Academy provides a college preparatory experience for students of varying academic abilities as well.  On average, 99% of all Saint John Paul II Academy students move on to higher education, an achievement of which the people of Saint John Paul II Academy are very proud.

In order to help students not only prepare for admission but for success in higher education, Saint John Paul II Academy employs a holistic approach to the education of the young person - we strive to empower not only students' minds, but their bodies, hearts, and souls as well.

Within our academic program one finds the collective work of a faculty grounded in the mission of Catholic, Lasallian education - a faculty that at the same time understands the rigorous demands of a college preparatory school.  Each faculty member has achieved at least a Bachelor's Degree in his/her teaching field and meets the rigorous standards for certification provided by the Florida Department of Education.  Many of our teachers have also gone on to earn advanced degrees in their areas of expertise and provide great models of the "lifelong learner".  These dedicated professionals walk with each of our students during their time at Saint John Paul II Academy to guide them and help them be their very best!

Saint John Paul II Academy will prepare you to expand your notion of what you can learn and achieve, or even imagine achieving. As a school in the Lasallian tradition, we combine the discipline of a challenging academic curriculum with educational experiences that integrate lessons outside the classroom. As an Eagle you'll get a sure footing in religion and history, math and science, English, languages and the arts, allowing you to learn to read more closely, think more carefully and write more clearly. You will discover hidden talents and interests that can grow into careers or lifelong pursuits, and along the way you can gain a sense of confidence in your ability to lead your own life. A SJPII education is a uniquely transformative education in which you'll learn to search for God in all things.

Our educational program is a traditional one in that we strive to prepare students for success in college and in life.  Our regular academic day consists of seven class periods and a 'homeroom' for important announcements, information sharing, and prayer.  The regular academic day begins at 7:45 AM and ends at 2:35 PM, allowing time in the afternoon for extra help, teacher assistance, and cocurricular activities and athletics.

Check out our Graduation Requirements and Course Catalog for more information on our offerings, and our College Profile to see what our Eagles accomplish and the fortunate colleges and universities they choose to attend.